Inheritance Tax Law

In terms of inheritance tax questions, the Double Taxation Convention existing between Canada and Germany and also between the United States and Germany is of crucial importance.

You are invited to contact us if you have any problems with German inheritance taxes.

We are pleased to assist you with the preparation of your tax inheritance declaration and to support you when dealing with the German tax authorities. Because we cooperate closely with our German partner offices, we will also be able to represent you in legal appeal proceedings.

For gifts, a special gift tax applies under German law, for which a statement must be filed. We are pleased to help you handle these procedures that are generally considered unusual and are not known in North America.

When it comes to Canadian tax provisions, we are pleased to collaborate with your personal Canadian tax advisor. Also, for many years we have successfully teamed up with a German speaking Canadian tax firm here in Vancouver, a company that has intimate knowledge of German tax law.

This allows us to offer you comprehensive consulting services regarding taxation issues arising for residents of Canada and Germany, with special consideration of the Double Taxation Convention.