Family Law

Family law includes Marriage Law, the Law of Parents and Child, and Maintenance Law. In a broader sense, Guardianship law and Custodianship law are also part of this legal field.

Our services include comprehensive consulting in all areas of family law, with a special focus on issues arising exclusively in the international realm.

German law, for instance, includes special regulations for marriages concluded abroad and for marriages concluded by persons of different nationalities, and the resulting particularities should be clarified early on.

Often it is not clear which legal system applies, an aspect that is of crucial importance for the eventual outcomes in the areas of divorce, spousal maintenance, and matrimonial property.

For a divorce to become effective in Canada or the United States, the divorce decree must have been recognized in Germany before the divorce is final and remarriage is possible.

If one of the spouses is required to make support payments, it is important to establish which maintenance claims will be recognized and are enforceable in the other country. Especially in this regard, our German cooperating firms will be able to effectively assist you.