About Us

Our world is getting smaller – and each of us is faced with entirely new difficulties. The international connectedness of our daily private and professional lives presents us not only with amazing possibilities but also poses many risks. While cross-border trading has become the norm, such business dealings are not ruled by one common world law, but by the legal provisions and tax rules of the individual countries.

Such challenges are best addressed at a local level. As a German law firm in Calgary/Canada, we can draw on our experiences in both worlds to arrive at the best solution for your German legal problems. The close proximity to the American border enables us to also look after our American clients who for many years have been using our services in all regions of the United States.

This is accomplished through our qualified legal team under the guidance of attorney Hubertus Liebrecht, who can look back on many years experience in German- Canadian and German-American legal and tax issues.

Even something that works well can still be improved! Following this adage, we have expanded our competencies through a wide net of cooperating law firms who will occasionally assist us with their experience and expertise. When it comes to Canadian and American legal and tax issues, we turn to trusted specialists who have been working with and for us for many years.